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Permanently deleted from Google and Gone in 24 hours or your money back.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Gone Forever

We permanently delete your entire mugshot page located on any website along with the image AND link that appears on Google. If we don't deliver, you don't pay. Our removal is permanent and can never be reversed.

Removal Guaranteed

Your mugshot will be gone instantly from the database and from Google within 24 hours. We accept payment securely through Paypal and offer 100% money-back guarantee if your mugshot is not gone within 48 hours.

Reputation Restored

Don't let one mistake haunt you forever. Prevent your arrest from being seen by friends, family or potential employers. Over 90% of employers search job candidates on Google - don't let one mistake keep you from landing your a job!

How much does it cost?

$199 flat. No taxes and no hidden fees.

How does the removal process work?

We delete your mugshot and arrest record from the servers of Once we complete this process, we submit a 'cache removal request' to Google, notifying them to update their search results index. Once Google refreshes their index, your mugshot image and link will disappear from the search engine.

Is the removal permanent?

Yes. Your mugshot record is permanently deleted from the database and Google. We guarantee no image or link will ever pop back up from in the future.

Will the image and link be gone from Google AND other search engines?

Yes. Your mugshot photo and link will be deleted from Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Keep in mind that Yahoo, Bing, and AOL do not refresh their index as often as Google does, so it may take up to 1 week to see your information removed from these smaller search engines.

Do you remove mugshots from ALL websites listed on Google?

No. We can only remove any mugshot images and links that come from one of the websites (see below for specific list of applicable sites). Most of our clients are listed on multiple mugshot websites. For any mugshots that you see on Google that come from a website not listed below, you must go to that individual website and remove the information seperately. Always be weary of using a removal service who claims they can remove your mugshot from ALL websites.

How do you ensure the photo will not come back?

We delete your mugshot and arrest record from the servers of - the website that Google is pulling this information from. Once we delete your record, it is gone forever unless you are arrested again after the removal process.

Is our removal guaranteed?

Yes! If your mugshot is not completely gone from Google within 48 hours we'll refund your entire payment, no questions asked.

How can I purchase?

Search for your name in the form above, and then click on the image you'd like to remove. This will direct you through the payment process to checkout securely through Paypal. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal accounts.

Which websites can you delete my mugshot from?

If your mugshot is appearing on Google and is coming from any of the following websites, we can delete your information today:


How can I contact you?

Chat with us 24/7 for live help at the bottom right of the page

"Thank you so much! I was very skeptical and didn't know which service to trust but I am so relieved that my image is gone now! I will definitely be referring your company if anyone needs it."

Jamie - DeKalb County, GA

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Krina - Miami-Dade County, FL

"Thank you! You were quick and efficient even though I was very skeptical! I will certainly recommend you to others if this happens to them but hopefully it won't."

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Lori - Cobb County, GA

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